Polishing Pads-New Innovation by Technique Dia Abrasives

After Introducing with success and satisfaction Technique Dia Tools Ltd. has innovated and introduced 12" Polishing Pads into Granite and Marble Market, which would be a turning point in polishing of Stones world over.


• 10x2.5 ft Granite Slab may be polished within 15 Minutes.
• Fast Similar Polish with No polish change.
• High Gloss Polish in very short time.
• More coverage in short time.
• Least fatigue of machine operators, being smooth running of machine.
• Less Polish Cost in Hand Polishers in Comparison to LPM
- Granite Slabs @ Rs. 0.75 per Sq ft.
- Marble Slabs @ Rs. 0.42 per Sq ft.
• Being Velcro technique, it is very easy to fix pads without wasting time.
• No need of Epoxy
• Heavy Electricity Saving
• Least Machine Maintenance
• Least Slurry Production
• Least Inventory Need
• Delivery through Courier
• Fast calibration in slabs –
Granite : 25 sqft in 2 minutes
Marble : 25 sqft in 1 minutes
• High Profit being high production