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Gem Granites

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Building Applications, Memorials & Monuments, Granite Dimensional Blocks, Slabs, Tiles. .

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Gem Granites is the pioneer and visionary of the Indian Granite Industry with more than 3 1/2 decades of experience in mining and processing of natural stone. Gem has earned high degree of credibility with customers as a trustworthy company through supply of the best quality Indian Granite products as per their specifications. Gem Granites and their Group companies export their products to most countries across the globe such as Chain, USA, Germany, Holland, UK, Singapore, Japan, Italy ets., Gem's products are part of several historical, prestigious and monumental projects all across the globe bringing global recognition to the entire Indian Granite Industry.

Maintaining high standards has been a part of our service, be it production, manufacturing or deliver. Gem Group is the first Indian Granite Company to get the ISO 9002:2000 Quality Certification.


Imperial Red, New Mahogany, Oyster Pearl, Lavender Blue, Bahama Blue, Q4 Black, Imperial White, Tropical Green, Golden Dragon, Diana Green, Sentinel Red, PP4 Black andTwilight Juprana Granites.

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Fax: +91-44-28117338, 28111159

Regd Office: 78, Cathedral Road Chennai 600 086 Tamil Nadu India


Mr. R. Veeramani Partner

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